Boiler servicing

Most manufacturers require a boiler warranty service to take place every 12 months in order to keep their guarantee active, which is why we make boiler servicing as easy and straightforward as possible.

We charge £60 + VAT. That’s it.

What does a boiler service involve?

Our boiler servicing plumbers are here to make sure that your machine if operating to its manufacturer’s guidelines. To do this we plug an analyser into your flue to measure the gas emissions and check that it is all running safely with right amount of gas and oxygen.

If at any point we find problems that require additional work we will always get your permission before doing anything that will cost more than the fixed rate.

While servicing your boiler we will also do a central heating health check to make sure that all of your radiators are working and the valves are opening and closing properly. We will bleed your radiators and our friendly plumbers will even show you how to do it then leave you with a special The Plumbing Team radiator key so you can keep your system happy and healthy after we leave.

Why do you need to have your boiler serviced?

It’s really important to have your boiler serviced annually to make sure everything is working safely. For new boilers your need to have them serviced for your boiler warranty, but for older boilers it is just as important.

Your boiler system changes over time and substances can build up inside which affect the way it operates. We often find customers with older systems are using much more gas than necessary and by tuning your boiler to make it burn properly you can quickly pay for the cost of the service in reduced energy bills.