Central Heating

At The Plumbing Team our heating engineers are experienced in all aspects of central heating installation, upgrades, maintenance and repair. So whether you know exactly what is required for your job or need some free-of-charge advice just give us a call and we’d be happy to talk through options for your home’s central heating.

Central heating installation

Every property has its own unique requirements, but we are experts at designing heating systems and sourcing materials to meet the most demanding specifications and budgets.

Our heating system design service includes everything from pipe routes, pipe sizes and boiler location, to boiler type and thermostat configuration – all designed to be as energy efficient, cost-effective and space-saving as possible.

For your peace of mind you’re also covered by our insurance so in the unlikely event our central heating plumbers were to make a mistake we’ve got it covered.

If you just need a plumber to install a central heating system you already have we’re happy to do that too.

Upgrading central heating systems

It’s not always necessary to do a complete system replacement to improve the efficiency of your central heating, increase your hot water storage or just get your heating working again. Upgrading a heating system could mean replacing an old boiler and water tank system with a new combi boiler, removing cold water tanks or re-routing your pipes.

If your boiler is up to scratch but you have very old radiators it’s likely they’re no longer operating efficiently so installing new radiators and pipework as part of a larger central heating upgrade may be required to make your home toasty warm again while reducing your energy bills.

Underfloor heating engineers

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a warm floor underfoot is there? Our heating engineers are experts in designing and installing water underfloor heating systems and they’re perfect for any type of floor.

Prices for underfloor heating range from around £600 for a small room up to around £6,000 for a whole house but we are always happy to come and give a free consultation to discuss your project – big or small.

Central heating maintenance

In our experience, the most common issue preventing a central heating system working properly is lack of proper maintenance. Carrying out a full system flush is one of the most common jobs our central heating technicians do and this alone can often have the biggest impact, extending the life of the system while improving performance and saving money by reducing energy use.

To thoroughly clean a central heating system we connect Kamco CF90 powerflushing machines to the system and flush it for up to a day, depending on how dirty it is. Sentinel X800 or X400 cleaner is circulated around the whole system to rigorously clean it, then we fill the system up with clean water before adding an inhibitor at the end to neutralise and preserve the water.

Sometimes all that is required is to bleed the radiators if there’s an air lock in the system. Anyone can do this regardless of experience so we’re happy to show you how it’s done if you don’t want to call us out next time. We’ll even give you a free Plumbing Team radiator key so you have the right tool for the job.