Keep your boiler working this winter!

Don't get caught out this winter!

Last winter in Wembley, we responded to over 25 calls a day due to boilers breaking down, no hot water, heating not working, etc...etc... The immediate issue each caller had was different, the problem when our boiler engineers arrived was the same. A frozen pipe, in particular the condense pipe. Once the pipe is thawed out and the boiler is reset; the heating is restored, water is hot again and the clients are happy.

But the same questions are asked at the end of each visit.... Could this whole arduous scenario been avoided completely?

Simply... the answer is, Yes!

Here's a few tips to help you out this winter;

First, it starts with the correct installation of a new boiler. If your having a new boiler installed and the white condense pipe needs to go to an external drain pipe, ensure this pipe be run in a minimum of 32mm waste pipe to avoid freezing.

Second, if your new boiler has already been installed with a white 21.5mm condense pipe running externally then you need to insulate this pipe.

Third, service your boiler before winter. Make sure your boiler is in tip top condition before the cold weather hits us!

Fourth, test your heating. Turn your heating on and make sure your programmer works, the room thermostat works and finally the thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) open and close.

If your in doubt, having issues or just need peace of mind this winter, call our Wembley team on 0208 22 66 300 and book a Winter Inspection today!