Service my boiler. Why?

Hello again... back to listen to me talk geeky about boilers?!

Today my blog is about servicing your new boiler in London... There seems to be a stigma around servicing, almost like its a gimmick to most people, but that all changes when their boiler breaks down and they have a hefty bill for something that would have easily been picked up and fixed during a routine service.

Having a reliable and dependable boiler starts by purchasing a good quality product but like a car, only remains reliable and dependable if serviced.

The importance of servicing your boiler annually;

1: Safety first - By servicing your boiler you ensure your it is operating safely, an unhealthy boiler can cost lives.

2: Reduce your fuel bills - A qualified boiler engineer will ensure your new boiler is running efficiently and not burning too much energy.

3: Save money on repairs - By servicing your boiler annually you reduce the risk of serious damage to your boiler. Any early signs of damage or deterioration can be repaired during a service and will be a lot cheaper than waiting for your boiler to stop working.

4: Maintain your guarantee - If you have a new boiler installed, the manufacture will require you to service your boiler annually to validate the warranty.

If you have a new boiler installed in London, manufactures like Worcester Bosch and Vaillant will require to boiler to be serviced annually, otherwise the new boiler guarantee will be void.

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